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PHONE (mon - fri 10:00-18:00)
03 6380 6642
1-24-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, zip 1600022



Terms of Service


  • Call or email us when you want to reserve the spot.

  • Your reservation includes the time of carrying in and out.

  • There are restrictions depending on content. Let us know what is your purpose of use beforehand.  

  • Please note that the temporary reservation can NOT be made.

  • Let us know if you want to do the preliminary inspection of spaces.


  • All balances must be payable to Blend in Japan by the due date by bank transfer or credit card. 

  • If you already had the business with us, we offer the payment by invoice. The invoice will be sent immediately when the booking is completed.



If the Group/User cancels this agreement, the following cancellation fee may be incurred.

  • 30 days or more before the event ... 30% of payment of the rental agreement

  • 30-  15 days before the event ... 50% of payment of the rental agreement

  • 14 to the day before/on the event ... 100% payment of the rental agreement

*This policy shall apply to the cancellation due to extreme weather.



​The parking space is available only for GYOEN NO KUUKAN (2,000yen/day). Let us know beforehand if you want to use the parking. There is no parking available for NAKAME NO KUUKAN, KODAIRA NO KUUKAN.


《Guest list》

The guest list must be submitted for GYOEN NO KUUKAN. The requirements for the guest list are below.


  • Purpose of use.

  • Name and phone number of representative

  • Name of attendees.


​《​Terms & Conditions》

  • Group/User are to return the space to the original state, prior to usage.

  • The booking client is responsible in every way for what happens during the session without regard to who in the booking customer’s party did something wrong, damaged something, or violated the Terms & Conditions and prohibited acts in any way.

  • ​GYOEN NO KUUKAN and NAKAME NO KUUKAN are located on the regular residential building. When entering the space, please share the correct information with the attendees. Do not wait or hang out at the entrance or reception. Please do not disturb other residents or make a loud noise.

  • KODAIRA NO KUUKAN is located in the residential area. Please do not disturb the surrounding neighborhood or make a loud noise.

  • The representative must not leave the space without the notification. Please make sure that all entry, exit confirmation will be made by the representative.

  • You must not enter the elevator with the hand cart at GYOEN NO KUUKAN. Please use the elevator at the dust station.

  • If you are late for more than 30 minutes without notification, we will charge 3,000 yen as a waiting fee.

  • We will charge additional fees if the following events occur due to the lack of confirmation of exit.

-Not locking the place properly 50000yen

-Not turning off the air conditioner or heater 5000yen

  • Set up, tear down, and whatever it takes to return the studio to its original, organized, and clean condition are to be done in the booked time slot. Please prepare to stop your session and pack up early enough for you to exit the space at the end of your booked time.

  • Since GYOEN NO KUUKAN and NAKAME NO KUUKAN are located on the regular residential building, unexpected problems such as water leakage or construction noise may occur. Please note that we won't be liable for any damage to the creative and physical production by things above.

  • Blend in Japan is not liable for any loss or damage of any items brought by the event host or its guests.

  • In the event of damage to space or equipment, the Group/User is fully liable and agrees to pay the monetary damage caused in full, subsequent to the incident within 28 days.


《​prohibited acts》

Please note that if the following acts are found, you may be asked to leave even during the session.

  • Any other acts that violate laws and regulations.

  • To bring or sell illegal items.

  • To shoot with excessive skin exposure and extreme poses.

  • Different usage from your stated application.

  • To bring pet animals.

  • To carry in an excessive amount of equipment.  

  • Disturbance for the surrounding neighbors

  • Smoking, drinking or eating are not allowed at the entrance/

《facility maintenance fee》
We impose a facility maintenance fee of 1,000 yen due to the escalation of energy costs, increased overhead expenses, and other factors.

《Damage to equipment and goods, defacement of facilities》 
In case of equipment or item damage, as well as facility defacement, the actual cost will be invoiced. We will inspect the facility after your use and notify the designated person. Please provide accurate information regarding any incidents.

The cost for a broken glass ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 yen, while a broken plate incurs a charge within the same range.

If additional payment becomes necessary, we will issue a new invoice based on the aforementioned details. Please be aware that the applicant is responsible for covering bank transfer fees and associated charges.



※ All the above-listed things must be accepted upon agreement.

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